Mar 12

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Kids FREE Printables Papercrafts

VagabondTrailsInfo is pleased to provide a couple Kids FREE printables for our crafts for kids section. These papercrafts  are easily assembled, and kids can have fun playing with them. The illustrations here aren’t the ones you will print, they are only to show you what they look like. I have included a link for the Printable version, just click the picture(s).

Free Printables from Vagabondtrails Info

This Delivery Van has a color wheel on it that was created for a new Kids book that’s not yet published. The colors on the wheel and the animals are perfect for young kids. Crafts for kids don’t have to be messy to entertain them.

VW Camper Van papercraft FREE Printables

Materials Needed to make our Kids FREE Printables

  1. Printer – or have a local copy shop print it out for you.
  2. Photo Paper – Standard matte photo paper works best for color and stability.  You could use card stock if you want as long as it’s 180-220gr/m2 paper (talk to the print shop if you are unsure of weight).
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue or Glue Stick


Assembly Instructions

The page layout is 8X10 to accommodate Photo paper, and everything is ready to cut out.  Kids are pretty smart and don’t need a lot of directions, however just in case, here are a few hints to know what to do after you cut them out.

For the truck you glue the upper glue tab of the right part to the left side of the right part. Then you start building a box where you glue the sides together. Last you glue the bottom to the sides.
With the VW van you start gluing the sides together and then put the bottom in place.

I didn’t know what a mountain and a valley fold were, but you or your kids might,  If not, the mountain fold is like a tent, the small part is on top and for the Valley Fold it’s the opposite- the larger open part is at the top.

These Kids free printables will help entertain them during quiet time, then they can play with them while sitting by the campfire.  I think your kids will like these, and please leave a comment here and let me know what you think.

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