Jan 30

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2013 Newberry Award Winning Book Inspired by Tacoma Gorilla, Ivan

Today the announcement of the 2013 Children’s Book Award Winners included a book called “The One and Only Ivan” by Katherine Applegate.  This book was inspired by a  real life gorilla that lived for 27 years in a cage at a shopping center in Tacoma, Washington.

Home of Newberry Award Winning Book The One and Only Ivan

When I heard about the story of Ivan, and the children’s book that he inspired, I had to find where he used to live.

The good thing about traveling is you can find cool places, just ask the locals where to go.  I asked where this shopping center was, and headed over there to get a feel of Ivan’s previous home, and maybe a picture.

Ivan was a Silverback Gorilla that lived in a cage at this large shopping complex for 27 years until finally being sent to a zoo in 1994.  As you can see on the picture above there is still a picture of Ivan on the sign. Now he truly is world famous.

If you would like to read the January 2013 Newberry Award Winning Children’s Book “The One and Only Ivan” you can get it right here.

The One and Only Ivan

Now that I have gone to the place where Ivan lived for so long, I think I will be getting my own copy of this book. It’s not the true story of Ivan, more a fictionalized story, with similarities of that Ivan and the real life one.

Anyway….just another fun day from Vagabond Trails Info. Hope you have a good day!


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