Jan 28

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4 Bald Eagles Shot and Killed in Washington State

Two weeks ago, around January 17, 2013, 4 Bald Eagles were shot and killed in Granite Falls, Washington.  They were found floating in the lake. Who would do such a thing?  And for what reason?

4 Majestic Bald Eagles were shot and killed in Granite Falls, WA.

No one knows why, but it is assumed it wasn’t for profit as the eagles weren’t stripped of their talons or feathers which is a common act of poachers.  They take the most valuable parts of whatever animal or bird they killed to sell the parts for a profit. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife agency and the Stillaguamish Indian tribe put up a reward of $13,750 for information that leads to the conviction of whomever killed these eagles.

One speculation was, “I would guess a younger person, both from the immaturity of the act as well as the light caliber of the weapon.”   And if this is the case then a lot more education needs to happen, although I find it near improbable that anyone in America doesn’t know that the Bald Eagle is a protected species that came off the endangered species list in 2007.

The Seattle Times ran a story on these eagles and there were many comments from the community. Since no one really knows who shot the 4 Bald Eagles there was a lot of speculation, some of which was political ie: gun owners and gun control issues.   While some people took the opportunity to blame guns,  most  just agreed this was a horrible crime; killing the symbol of our country.

Some people were surprised that the fines by law are so low, only $2,000 to $3,000.  All are angry  at the senseless, cowardly, act of killing these Bald Eagles. Having a gun doesn’t mean you should just go shoot whatever you feel like shooting.

If you are interested in the new Bald Eagle laws  as they pertain to Native American tribal members, you can read the 2012 law change at the DOJ’s site.  Another good place to learn about eagles and their protected status plus  read more about eagle feathers, superstitions and other info check out this page, Eagle Legends and Myths.

The death of these 4 Bald Eagles has ignited the community, and hopefully the person, or persons, involved will be caught and punished.  In the meantime, if you have an opportunity to see either bald eagles or golden eagles in the wild take time to enjoy them, and if you live in the area and know who did it, turn them in!


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  1. Nathalie

    Wow, sad about the bald eagles, but then not much surprised. Some people are so uneducated or just plain stupid. They only see their little self and have no respect for nothing. I agree that the fine is ridiculously low. Maybe the population uproar will change a few things?

  2. Nathalie- I hope the uproar will make people take notice and that whomever killed these 4 eagles is caught and punished, even if it is a kid! Shooting one is bad enough, but shooting and killing 4 is unimaginable!

  3. Paul

    Disgusting crime. And while I wouldn’t use it to make a case against gun laws, the attitude of many can’t help.

    If it was a teenager, I can understand, vaguely, shooting at common birds but I pity a society where the magnificence of such birds doesn’t prevent such callous actions.

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