Jun 14

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Family Fun Beach Activity Ladderball

Ladderball is a new game we played. Most people camping at the beach play volleyball, smashball, catch or any of the more familiar games played throughout the ages.  Ladderball is easy to play, and easy to transport, making it a good beach activity.

Beach Activity Ladder Ball


Beach Activites Ladderball
To play this game you have to put it together. You have three colored balls; each team has a different color red and blue. The yellow, red, and blue poles each are worth one point if your colored balls land on them. If you have two people on one team one person from each team moves to the opposite side. To throw hold one of the balls and gently swing the ball and release. Each player gets three turns to make it onto a colored pole. When you reach 11 points you switch sides. The first team to score twenty-one wins.

How to Play Ladderball

• Space the bases approximately 15 feet apart
• Each player throws 3 bolas per turn
• You want to land the bolas on the racks
• The throwing line is in front of the base
• The winner of each round throws first


• Top is 3 points
• Middle is 2 points
• Bottom is 1 point
• If an opponent lands a bola on the same rack the points cancel
• Play to 21 points exactly
• Must win by 2 if game goes to overtime

Bonus points

• “Hat Trick” when all 3 bolas are on the same rack without an opponent’s bolas on it get you 1 bonus point
• “Full Rack” when a bola is on each rack without an opponent’s bolas interfering is worth 1 bonus point


As a teenage girl I love to go to the beach with my friends and family. Last Christmas I was given a Ladderball set and at the time I didn’t really care for it. But the other day my grandma took me and my siblings to the beach to play it. At first I didn’t like the idea of the game but after playing for an hour or two i started to like it.

This was the sentiment of a teenager that felt forced to play.  As you see, even teens like the game.


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