Jan 18

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Quartzsite RV Show

Quartzsite Largest RV Gathering


The annual Quartzsite RV  Show in Arizona draws well over a hundred thousand people each year.  This year I went but the RV Show wasn’t open yet, it runs from January 17th through the 25th and I was a few days early. The good news is that I was able to see all the RV’s that I wanted, plus drive through town, go to the rock and gem show, as well as find parking at all of them. Typically there are over 125,000 people that attend the Quartzsite RV Show so it can get very crowded. There are several RV parks in the area, and the town is surrounded by free camping on BLM land. People can just pull over anywhere on the BLM land and dry camp for the duration of the show, which makes it nice.  You have some RVers camping before and after the show, but this isn’t even a drop in the bucket to how many free campsites are used during the annual show.

Quartzsite BLM Land Free Camping

Since it wasn’t too crowded while I was there, I had a chance to drive all over and even look at some of the RV parks.  One of my goals is to rent my current home and move to either Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, or Washington or wherever I find a good place to work.  So, every time I visit one of these states I am looking at the RV parks in the area.

I really enjoyed my drive through the desert.  Quartzsite is about 20 miles east of Blythe, the last town along the 10 freeway before you get to Arizona.  In fact the Arizona- California border is about half way across the Colorado River.  Quartzsite is maybe about half an hour from there. The one thing that I learned from my last trip to Quartzsite was not to get gas at the first gas station in Arizona.  It’s much cheaper at the Love’s Travel Station at exit 17, which is the border of Quartzsite.  At least it’s the border of any civilization.


Love's Travel Center Gas Station in Qurartzsite

The Love’s Travel Center is the perfect place to get off the freeway.  They have cheap gas, good coffee, and clean restrooms.  Once you’ve stretched your legs, the road to go to the RV Show is right there.  You will want to turn right on Kuehnn Road if you are coming out of the gas station or left if you are coming off the bridge.

Once on Kuehn Rd. the large Rock and Gem Show is on the right hand side, but the RV show is further down the road. It was a bit confusing to see the Quartzsite RV show with a banner that said Tyson Wells RV Show.  Oh well, when you’re in these small desert communities you just go with the flow.

Tyson Wells RV Show aka Quartzsite RV Show

I stayed there for 2 days, getting up very early in the morning and exploring.  I saw old gold mines, had a great Mexican Dinner at one of the two restaurants in town, and had a really good sweet roll from their bakery in the morning.

Quartzsite Bakery Sign


There was so much to see and do that I know I will go again next year, but next time I will actually go when the RV show is open!  Well, that was my trip to the Quartzsite RV Show, and soon I hope to be buying a small RV, like one I saw at the gas station.

Small RV

That’s it for today, hope you all enjoy your trips on those Vagabond Trails!

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  1. Marie Williams Johnstone

    I hope you get your RV soon – sounds like just the thing for you this year to travel and be free.

    1. Vagabond

      Thanks Marie,
      I was thinking the same thing. Free to explore and enjoy all that life has to offer 🙂

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