Oct 09

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RV Battery Jump Starter

An RV Battery Jump starter is a lifesaver for RVers!  Don’t get stuck with a dead battery.

‘Go Rving, the ads say. ‘See the sights, learn about the American culture, and the cultures before America began’. I could not agree more. RVing is a great way to experience all this great country has to offer, and will provide you with some of the most memorable times of your life.

But as sure as the sun rises in the morning, when you go to explore this wonderful country in an RV, you will experience some unexpected glitches. One of the glitches will likely be that your battery or batteries will accidentally get discharged, leaving you stranded ‘in the sticks’. Batteries also do not last nearly as long in hot or cold temperatures, which causes reduced performance, leaving you at risk of losing valuable time and money.
When this happens you will need a good battery jumper pack/ booster (aka battery jump starter, jumper box, and a host of other names) to get your RV or motor home up and running again. A good quality, fully charged battery jump starter will quickly jump start your RV and have you on the road again in a very short time. A battery jump starter will also ensure you always have a solution should your RV become difficult to start due to poor battery charge and / or extreme temperatures.

Besides getting your RV running again, one of these essential devices will start all of your motorized vehicles and can also be used to inflate low tires, as well as other inflatable items.
Whether you go Rving to the river or ocean with your boat, Jet Ski or watercraft, or to the desert with off-road toys, or even into the mountains with snow or trail machines, a battery booster may be required to get your ‘toys’ running. It can also be used to power cell phones, computers, stereo audio / video equipment and extra lights. If your RV is equipped with a generator and it refuses to start, a boost from your jumper box could be all it needs to fire on up.

There are a multitude of uses for a quality, powerful jump starter so having one in your RV at all times not only gives you peace of mind should an emergency situation arise that leaves you with no battery power, but it can also save you a lot of money by greatly reducing the need to call upon emergency services.

Recommended battery jump starters for quality and durability:

For more information about battery jump starters and battery care see Battery Jump Starters Brian Trevino is an Auto Dealer/Broker serving the greater Orange & Los Angeles County areas and has been buying and selling vehicles for over 30 years. Email: tas4cars@hotmail.com

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  1. Dee

    We have had several battery jump starters over the years and they really are a marvelous item to have. We usually bought a heavy duty one so that it didn’t matter how big the vehicle we needed to jump start, it would still handle it. It definitely would be an essential item in an RV. Just imagine having a flat battery out in the middle of nowhere at night and having to wait hours for AAA to come and rescue you – no thanks, I would rather carry a battery jump starter and get back on the road quickly. Ours had a light built into it as well, so at least we could see in the dark.

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