Aug 30

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How to Measure RV Covers

How to Measure and Buy RV Covers.

Protect Your Investment With RV and Spare Tire Covers

rv and travel trailer coversDo you need an RV or Travel Trailer cover? When you aren’t traveling in your RV it will be parked, and while having covered storage is ideal, for many of us that is not possible. Even if you do keep your motor home indoors a cover will still reduce the need for washing when taking it out. Covering your RV or Travel Trailer will help you protect your valuable investment, and reduce deterioration caused by the elements. If at some point you want to sell your current RV and upgrade, or downgrade, you will be glad you covered it and kept it looking as new as possible.

There are several kinds of RV and Travel Trailer covers, both for inside and outside. Choose the RV cover based upon the size and style of your RV and whether you are storing it inside or outside. There are covers for Class C RVs, Class B Vans, Travel Trailers, and Truck Campers to name a few. This really is one of the investments that will pay you back later!

Photo: Expedition Rv Cover Class C Fits Rv’s 29′ to 32′

How to Protect Your Spare Tire

Having a spare tire is great for when we need them. The spare tire is exposed to the elements for long periods of time, and depending on weather conditions it can get sun rot, and split. This isn’t the condition we want a spare tire to be when we need it, as depending upon the extent of the damage the tire could be rendered useless.

Spare tire covers help solve this problem. They not only protect your spare tire, but they can also make a statement about you and your vacationing style with all the amazing choices available.

RV Spare Tire Covers

All of these covers for your RV will be made to fit your Spare Tire. You can get them for your Class C, Class B Van, Class A, any of the Travel Trailers, or even your truck or jeep. These customized tire covers are all the same price, just under $60 as of Feb. 2014. Once you purchase the one you want, you will give them your tire dimensions, and it takes them around 6-10 days to get your order made. Another good thing is these tire covers come with a one year warranty!  They also make an excellent gift for someone who likes to hit the road often in their motor home, travel trailer or RV.

sunset 2 spare tire coverSunset #2 Spare Tire Cover

Coastal traveler? Love waking up to the sound of breakers crashing onto the beach? Enjoy the feel of sand between your toes, long walks along the waters edge as the sun sets?  Then this tropical paradise beach scene may be perfect for you.




early morning black bears spare tire coverEarly Morning Black Bears Spare Tire Cover

Nothing says wilderness like black bears! Or any kind of bears for that matter.  If you are the kind of person who loves to roam National Parks and enjoy wildlife in their natural habitat, then it is very likely a bear is the perfect symbol for your vacationing lifestyle!




bald eagle spare tire coverEagle#6 spare tire cover

Patriotism is still alive and well in the US and so we should feel proud of both our heritage and this grand country we live in. Between the Bald Eagle and the mighty Stars and Stripes you can declare your patriotism to anyone and everyone fortunate enough to get to follow you down the road!




bear heist spare tire coverBear, the Heist Tire Cover

Kids in particular will love the idea of bears camping out and having lots of fun. The bears antics will be amusing to little children in particular.  Family RVers may find this a good choice to cover that all-essential spare tire!





wolf and moon spare tire coverWolf and Moon Spare Tire Cover

The choice of this tire cover depicting a lone wolf baying at the moon speaks volumes about some people.  If you are a loner, somewhat of a free spirit, content to go wherever a particular road may take you, then this spare tire cover will be very symbolic of your chosen lifestyle!




RV Cover:  A Very Good Investment

Once you have gone through cleaning the exterior of your RV you will quickly see the value of being able to cover your motor-home and avoid damage and dirt from the elements. Not only will a cover keep your trailer clean, but it will also help cut down on damage caused by the sun. Even if you are able to store your RV under cover, unless it is within an enclosed building that does not become dusty, it can get damaged so a cover is still a good investment.

How To Measure For Your RV Cover

It is important to have the right size RV cover, whether you own a Class A, B, C, travel trailer, pop-up or whatever. You want to make sure it fits so the top doesn’t flip up, and that everything stays in place during high winds, rain or snowstorm. One important thing to keep in mind when buying is to buy the size you need, and not one that is bigger. Bigger isn’t always better, but if your RV measurements fall within one foot of the next size, then you would want to order the bigger one.

When measuring your RV you want to measure front end to rear end. Don’t forget to include the bumpers, spare tire and ladder if you have one, but don’t include any tanks or hitches. Sometimes the manufacturers measurements are off, so if you want your RV, tire, or windshield cover to fit, measure these yourself.
Benefits and Advantages of Using an RV Cover
Improve your resale value

The benefits and advantages of covering your RV include things you might not have thought about including protection from the suns UV rays, windstorms, sand storms, rain, sleet and snow. A cover protects from all the different environmental elements, and helps you keep your RV looking good. This will help you later if/when you decided to sell it. Your resale value improves when you use an RV and travel trailer cover.

RV and Travel Trailer Covers For All Classes

Class A Motor Home Covers

class a motorhome coversClass A Motorhomes / RVs offer that ‘home away from home’ experience that many of us want, however when we are not traveling few of us have the option of housing our RV out of the elements.  Unfortunately sun, wind and rain can all take their toll on the paintwork and metal areas of our RV. The best way to reduce the effects the forces of Nature can have is to ensure our RV is covered. When you consider the large expense of buying an RV and the enjoyment traveling in one provides us, a Class A Motorhome / RV cover is a small but invaluable investment.



Class B Motor Home Covers

class b motorhome covers

While it is definitely easier to find a place to park a Class B under cover it is more common for these types of camping vehicles to be left outside. When a vehicle is parked up for an extended length of time, as many camping vehicles are, it is amazing how much dirt and dust accumulates on it, not only undermining the paintwork but turning it into a neighborhood eyesore! That is where a good quality, all-encompassing cover specifically designed to cover a Class B is the answer. For very little money your beautiful vacation vehicle can have damage from wind, sun and other weather conditions kept to a minimum. A cover also ensures that you do not have to scrub the exterior from top to bottom when next you want to use it.

Class C Motor Home Covers

class c motorhome coversCertainly one of the more popular modes of transport when “getting away from it all” the Class C has a style that is different from all other motor homes, and therefore needs a cover that has been designed specifically to fit vehicles of this Class. Just as with A’s and B’s there are plenty of nooks and crannies that dust and dirt can get into if left out in the elements. By covering your Class C you not only save yourself time and energy by not having to spend an hour or two getting it clean next time you want to head away for a day or two, but the seals around your windows will be less likely to deteriorate and allow rain to seep in, causing damage that can end up amounting to thousands of dollars to repair.


Travel Trailer Covers

travel trailer coversWhile travel trailers have an advantage of not having a motor that requires maintenance this can also be a disadvantage when it comes to moving it in and out of covered storage. Unless you are fortunate enough to have extra garage space that it will fit in, chances are it will be sitting outside for some extended length of time, exposed to whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at it. A cover that is designed to fit your travel trailer will minimize damage from weather and keep it clean.



One thing I look for in RV covers is how good the ties are. We had one once that blew off the first time there was a storm. The ties on that one were just too flimsy.


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