Feb 26

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Looking for RV Lots for Sale


RV Lots for Sale


Looking for RV lots for sale in the 5 Western States can be overwhelming, but there are some things I learned.  I learned first and foremost that all land isn’t equal, especially when it comes to water!

Arizona has cheap land for sale that is perfect for a small home but so many of the RV lots don’t have much greenery, and I want to be where there are trees.

Nevada has a lot of land, but some of the places I was looking had water problems, as in contaminated water underground.  Nope, this won’t work at all.  The movie, Erin Brockovich, keeps coming to mind when I am looking in some of the desert areas.


Finally I found some lots in RV resorts in Washington State that I really like.  They have green trees, close to major roads, and have amenities that older adults like.  I think I will have to plan another trip to Washington to check these RV lots out.  Apparently you can rent some or buy, and there are quite a few of these lots for sale all over the state.

The good thing with all this searching for RV lots for sale is that I have seen RV Parks and resorts that I didn’t know about, ones that I can watch for job openings, like Park Management.  That’s my goal…to work in an RV park or resort and live in a nice green area, or at least one that has good water!

But if anyone is looking just for an RV lot for sale, try searching in the different states, and make sure you check out the water supply in the area.  Land near old mines might be contaminated, and land in Nevada that was downwind of the old Nuclear Testing site might not be the best either.  Do your homework, don’t just buy a piece of land that looks cheap as it might not be a good deal at all!


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