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Mar 08

Turning a Chevy Suburban Into a Conversion Camper

Turning a Chevy Suburban into a Conversion Camper is one way to be able to go on those Vagabond Trails and still have some of the basic necessities, like a bed and fresh food.  During our trip in 2015 to Alaska we used the bed quite a bit during our drive, but didn’t have any …

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Apr 20

Converting Suburban into a Camper

Converting a Suburban

I have been wrestling with trying to make a decision on whether to buy a Class C Motorhome, a travel trailer or converting a Suburban into a camper.  I had almost decided to get a trailer and even had it on hold for 3 days while I weighed all my options and about drove myself …

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Jul 05

Poisonous Snakes

Beware of Rattlesnakes in the western United States

Poisonous snakes and camping aren’t a good mix.  The rattlesnake is the most common and widespread poisonous snake throughout the United States. America is home to both venomous and non-venomous snakes and  knowing which snakes are poisonous can be helpful when planning your camping or RVing trips. Vagabond Trails Info is a camping and RV …

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Jun 04

15 Rattlesnake Safety Tips

15 Rattlesnake Safety Tips for campers and hikers.  While camping is a fun activity, it is not without danger from wildlife.  Kids and small pets are  especially vulnerable to rattlesnakes, but there are steps you can take to train both children and pets to avoid these snakes. Be aware that if you are hiking and …

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