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Jun 14

What is a Dream Catcher and How Do You Make One

turquoise dream catcher necklace

Learn to Make Native American Dreamcatchers Anyone can make a Dreamcatcher. Dream Catchers are based on Native American traditions. One tradition is that a Dream Catcher is hung over the bed, or sleeping area to protect the person from bad dreams. Another is that with a belief in the Great Spirit this allows the Dream Catcher …

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Jun 14

Beach Camping Activities Sand Dollars

Beachcombing and looking for Sand Dollars is a great  activity for kids and adults that like nature.  Sand Dollars don’t wash up on all beaches, but if they do it’s worth the time and effort to go look for them.  Kids love this activity, and it lets them run around, be loud, and get some …

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Apr 02

Earth Day Camping Activities

Camping Activities for Earth Day Turtle Image by Kathy McGraw

Earth Day  is on April 22nd. If you’re camping what sorts of Earth Day camping activities can you do? Oh, the ideas are endless. In fact, camping puts you right there, in nature, and gives you so many options and ideas in a natural setting.  I have put some ideas here for you to get …

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