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Jun 02

RV Tips: The How and Why of Cleaning Your Water Heater

As a new full-time RVer I had no idea of many things, including the how and why of cleaning your water heater!  Fortunately I am camped by many experienced RVers that have helped me learn about RV maintenance including why it’s important to clean out your water heater once a year.     RV’s have …

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Mar 08

Turning a Chevy Suburban Into a Conversion Camper

Turning a Chevy Suburban into a Conversion Camper is one way to be able to go on those Vagabond Trails and still have some of the basic necessities, like a bed and fresh food.  During our trip in 2015 to Alaska we used the bed quite a bit during our drive, but didn’t have any …

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Aug 30

How to Measure RV Covers

travel trailer covers

How to Measure and Buy RV Covers. Protect Your Investment With RV and Spare Tire Covers Do you need an RV or Travel Trailer cover? When you aren’t traveling in your RV it will be parked, and while having covered storage is ideal, for many of us that is not possible. Even if you do …

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Oct 09

RV Battery Jump Starter

An RV Battery Jump starter is a lifesaver for RVers!  Don’t get stuck with a dead battery. ‘Go Rving, the ads say. ‘See the sights, learn about the American culture, and the cultures before America began’. I could not agree more. RVing is a great way to experience all this great country has to offer, …

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